Bill & Ted Face The Music - The Wyld Stallyns Are Still Excellent After 31 Years

To think it has been 31 years since we heard those epic words, “Be excellent to each other”. Looking back, for someone us, we had a movie that would become up a very part of our life. Others, just looked at it is another 80’s movie. Two later, Bill & Ted took us on a bogus journey. Sequels often don’t live up to the original but bogus journey did. For the years following, we heard rumor that we were getting a sequel. Slowly the rumors faded into afterthought. Three years ago, the rumors started getting stronger, and then we got the fateful announcement, the Wild Stallyns are coming back.


This movie was truly for the fans; for those that have been on this excellent adventure all these years. Just like the first movie, Bill (played once again by Alex Winter) and Ted(played by Keanu Reeves) are once again in trouble, and so is reality as we know it. Their marriages to the princesses(played by Erinn Hayes and Jayma Mays) are on the rocks, reality is collapsing, and they still have not created the song that will unite the world. In a now running joke, Missy is now marrying Ted’s younger brother Deacon. The only good thing going for them are their daughters, Wilhemina “Billie” Logan (played by Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Theodora “Thea” Preston(played by Samara Weaving). Their daughters have turned into audiophiles, that truly love and appreciate music for what it is.


It doesn’t take long before Rufus’ daughter shows up to take them back to the future so they can be lectured by the council because they have not produced a song that works for anything other than $2 taco night. They give Bill and Ted an ultimatum, create the song in 7:17pm or reality will collapse in on itself. This is a heavy task for them, so they come up with the idea to travel to different points in their future to hopefully get the song that will save the world. At the same time, their daughters decide to act and get together a new version of the band to help them out. This band is truly iconic: Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Hendrix, and Mozart to name a few. They even manage to bring Death back to the band.


I won’t ruin the ending, but this title proves to be about family. The importance of supporting those important in your life, and believing in them. It shows just how powerful music can be to the very fabric of our lives. The music even had my 3 year old dancing around. Music is the glue that binds the world. It is expressive, and has the power to heal our sorrows; our broken hearts. In these times that we all face as a global community, its great to have a movie that is pure, charming, light heartened, and reminds us in the end, lets be excellent to each other. It reminds me that one day, we will all be able to party on together. This movie is absolutely one that is worth sharing with the entire family. I cant wait to share the rest of their story with my kids as they grow older.

Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
Editor/Podcast Host/Content Creator