CyberPunk 2077 Review...........Well.......Kind Of

So…….First off let me start by saying this game has had I think, maybe the one of the worst launches in video game history. It has had a number of problems like bugs, numerous crashes on multiple platforms, and has been considered unfinished to some. Now that I have just finished the story and a lot of the side quests, I have a good feel for the game.


In the beginning of the game you decide between three pathes and to be quite honest none of them are so different that it really feels like your on a distinct journey. You go through a decent tutorial and then you arr off and running into the game. It is a classic open world game where you build up your character, as well as upgrade and buy equipment in order to help level up, The main story gets more and more interesting as you progress through it, especially when introduced to Johnny Silverhand (voiced by the great Keanu Reeves), who is a digital construct stuck in your head that is also killing you. As the story continued to unravel, I found that is was so well written story that I had to finish the game due to the intrigue. Now was this story so great that you all are missing out? Maybe. This game had a failed launch because it was incomplete with several bugs. This poor release has kept people from experience a good story.

Gameplay & Graphics:

The gameplay is not bad when the game actually stays on. I experienced multiple crashes even after a few updates. The gameplay is pretty fun. The weapons and health sprays are very imaginative as well as the futuristic vehicles are super cool looking. I will say there was something off about the driving mechanics. Every car really felt the same and there was no differences what so ever. A cool aspect of the game was the body enhancements. The different things you could do the weapons as well as implement in the body was very cool. Now the graphics. When the game doesn’t glitch, pause or the NPC’s aren’t glitching, the game looks quite good. One area that was not too impressive was the lack of more access to the buildings. There was a lack of immersion in this amazing looking city because you could not really see inside most of them unless they were a apart of a side quest or main story.


In closing I will say the underlying tone of this game is one giant missed opportunity. Setting the glitches and lack of immersion aside, I feel it is a very good game and deserves at least a play through. I sincerely hope that people look past the failed launch and take a trip to Night City.

Gerard Barrera (CGN Host)
Gerard Barrera (CGN Host)
Editor/Podcast Co-Host/Content Creator