Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Hands On With The Demo At E3

On Day 1 of E3, we were able to try out the demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.  Much like Kingdom Hearts fans, Final Fantasy 7 fans hold this in high regards and have been eagerly awaiting this games return.

Lets look at each area and our individual impressions:



Matt - I loved the visuals.  It very reminiscent of Advent Children.  The lighting and shadowing was perfect.  The way the light reflected off of metallic surfaces was really nice.  The best added touch was seeing the material loaded into the Buster Sword itself.

Gerry - I thought it was visually stunning.  I think it was on pair with Advent Children visually.  It was extremely tight and crisp.  I can see why they took their time on this.

Combat System


Matt - The combat system is an amazing upgrade fo the times.  It takes some of the best features of the Final Fantasy XIII combat system and comes with the real time Final Fantasy XV system.  Being able to switch between characters on the fly as well as being able to issue individual ATB segment commands was extremely fluid.  Limits breaks  acted exactly how you would expect them to if you are a fan of Final Fantasy VII

Gerry - It was extremely smooth and comprehensive, but definitely something that I was not expecting to see.  The tactics mode had me worked in the trailer, but being able to slow down time to issue commands was fantastic.  



Matt - Overall, this is the upgrade to Final Fantasy that we need and deserve as long time fans of the series.  It keeps the heart and soul of the original, but brings the game forward to the new generation.  I personally cannot wait until the game arrives in March

Gerry - Coming from a very salty perspective, as a long time Final Fantasy 7 fan, I have been waiting too long for this game.  It was well worth the multiple year wait for this game to finally arrive.

Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
Editor/Podcast Host/Content Creator