Final Fantasy 7 Remake Leaked - Why This Disrespects The Cast & Developers (Opinion)

For all fans of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been eagerly anticipated since it was initially show off as a tech demo on the PS3. Now, after years of waiting, fans are just over two months away from the release of the game. This past week, in an unfortunate turn of events, virtually the entire game was leaked through various YouTube channels and media outlets. First, and foremost, this should never have happened. If some reports are accurate, it would be appear that the demo was not sectioned off from the rest of the game as it should have been. This a human error, all be it a bad one, but still human error none the less. Even worse, we live in an age where 15 minutes of fame is more important than respecting the work of hundreds of developers and actors. These individuals that are spoiling the locations, the weapons, the characters, and even the ending to the episode are just out to make a name for themselves instead of respecting those who poured hours into the game. It’s like Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Part: “Just because you could do it, no one stopped to think if you should.”

For me I think of the developers first. Tetsuya Nomura and this team at Square Enix has worked extremely hard over the last several years to gives us as fans of the series and gamers an amazing piece of work. Through trailers, official press releases, and a playable demo at last years E3 have been enough to wet the appetite of everyone that is excited for this game to come out. Square Enix is being Square Enix and releasing very little information. Honestly the anticipation has been so high already for the game and Square doesnt need to release that much. We know from what we have seen officially that Tetsuya has a lot in store for everyone, which until last week was being kept secret. These surprises were going to be their gift to the world and now, that has been taken from them.

Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
Editor/Podcast Host/Content Creator