Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!!!!! (Marvel's Spider-Man)

I would like to start off by quoting one of my late great heroes:  “I never thought that Spider-Man would become the world wide icon that he is. I just hoped the books would sell and I’d keep my job.” STAN LEE

Well not only did Spider-Man sell books but this character became one of the most beloved heroes of the Marvel universe. As the years have gone on, we have gotten three movie franchises and close to thirty games across all consoles and handhelds; that says a lot for this this character.

The most recent game that has come out was made by Insomniac Games.  They are responsible for Ratchet and Clank, Song of the Deep, and Sunset Overdrive. Given the past works this company has done along the years, I would say this was quite a big gamble.  Insomniac Games certainly tried something new and different from what there used to and it paid dividends.

Starting with the story,  you are an older Peter Parker/Spider-Man.  He is now out of collage and trying to start a career along with being a super hero.  From the start, Insomniac has gone and done something bold in bypassing the coming of age, basic introduction of a character. We know who Peter Parker is and we know how Spider-Man came to be but we don’t need the same old stor.  It was this change that made me so exited for this game. I don’t want to get into spoilers so ill just give you a small rundown on the story.  Peter is working with Otto Octavias, yes that Dr. Octopus, on a project to help wounded veterans or amputees.  While this work is being done, there is a new gang terrorizing the streets of New York called the Inner Demons.  Their leader is the villain Mr. Negative and he is going to war with none other then the Kingpin for control of the city . There is more to the story then just wanting control over New York.  It seems there is more of a personal vendetta with Mr. Negative and Normand Osborn.  It is up to Spider-Man to unravel this mystery with the help of a few friends because no hero can succeed alone.

The gameplay and mechanics is nothing short of spectacular!! Although it does show a resemblance of the fighting mechanics of the Arkham series, the mechanics works beautifully.  The punching, swinging, and acrobatics just work so well together.  On top of that the inventory of gadgets and suits to choose from is so much fun, that you truly have to unlock them all. The swinging mechanic in the game is what we have always wanted in a Spider-Man game.  It is smooth and fun, and if you need to make a quick correction in direction.  Once you’ve learned and mastered the controls, you truly feel like Spider-Man.

I urge everyone to try this game out this game.  If you just like to have an adventure or looking for something new to try, or you are a huge Marvel and Spider-Man fan, I feel this game truly is for you.  As Stan Lee, the great creator of this character intended, I end this review with one of Stan’s most memorable lines: “EXCELSIOR! True Believers.”

Gerard Barrera (CGN Host)
Gerard Barrera (CGN Host)
Editor/Podcast Co-Host/Content Creator