Mobile Game Monday - Disc Golf Rival
As many people are picking this up as a hobby sport, Disc Golf Rival is readily available for those to throw a few holes of disc golf against another player. The makers, GR Sports Club, have taken disc golf and turned it naturally on its competitive side.

For those unfamiliar with the disc golf sport, it is very similar to golf, however it is used with frisbees and baskets instead of golf balls and holes. There is a target located however it is many yards away. The goal is to land the frisbee within the basket in as many thrown attempts as possible. The standard scoring applies, as you want the lowest score possible.

Disc Golf Rival takes the fundamentals of the sport and transfers it into an easy to use game for your mobile device. To aim, the player will move the cursor to wherever they wish the frisbee to land and release when satisfied. The player can also determine if it needs to have any extra spin to the throw before clicking into the ‘shot mode’. Once the player enters ‘shot mode’, pull back to determine the power in the shot, meanwhile there will be a marker that moves side to side to gauge the accuracy of the shot. Once the shot is aligned at the apex of the curve, the player will release to send the frisbee flying through the air.

As this is a one versus one game with actual opponents, each player will alternate shots towards the basket. If there is a tie after the hole, a secondary shoot-out hole will appear with a closest to the basket wins scenario. After the game ends, the player who won will be given points into a ranking system, as well as in game currency via chests. The chests improve in class, and has the chance of dropping different types of frisbees that have different attributes for each type of disc.

The currency is used to upgrade each frisbee that you carry within your bag. Long range driver disc, middle and short range discs, rough and sand discs and a putter. There are also two types of currency: Gold, to upgrade stats of discs; and Gem, to speed up or buy stronger or different discs within the store.

There are ads that can pop up after games, however there are also purchases available in order to boost and/or buy stronger equipment. Micro purchases are also an option for players.

IMO: While it is a great game for disc golf players, if you’ve played a couple first person sport games, it can be TOO similar to each other. The holes can be a bit diverse, but if you play the same course repeatedly, you will see many of them over and over. The weakest part of the game is that there is a lot of “Cat and Mouse” gameplay where whomever goes second will just follow the first persons shot and it becomes a copy cat game of who makes the first mistake. Disc Golf Rival is great for a short period, but easily loses its touch over time.

Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Content Creator/Podcast Personality