Mobile Game Monday - Mini Metro

With many different games out there, Mini Metro has a very addictive personality to it. As the name of the game suggests, it is a metro style puzzle game that evolves the longer you play it. Made by the people of Dinosaur Polo Club, Mini Metro creates a map for the player to connect stations to each other with different lines and carriages. As the player goes through different major cities around the world, each location has their own pros and cons to work the metro lines around.

Mini Metro starts off each city with three basic stations. Marked as a circle, square and triangle, metro lines are connected by dragging points to one another. Designated by color, each metro line can connect to an unlimted amount of stations. The downside is that they will stop at each track and pick up and drop off passengers, so the idea is to plan accordingly. Over time, more stations will pop up to expand your metro and connect passengers to other locations throughout the map.

After each week in the game, you “level up” and are granted extra perks to increase your metro. Some perks include another locomotive, an extra carriage, or an extra metro line. By using these, as the time goes on and more stations become available, the player is able to keep up with the city demands.

The game progresses and more stations pop up, but one thing that ramps the games difficulty is the appearance of special stations. Marked by icons aside from the standard circle, square and triangle, these will appear over existing stations and may require different connections to connect passengers to and from the station.

Aside from the normal maps, every day there is a challenge map to test your ability against all other players. As the map is custom generated, it could be from any of the stations through the game. Once the game is completed, the first score is recorded, and you are able to replay to your hearts content.

The game does not contain any Ads, so those looking for a boost will not get any this time.

Suggested Download: Yes. This is one of the best puzzle games that I have played in a long time. The stations appear dynamically and things change constantly. With that in mind, it forces the player to keep their mind sharp and watch a numerous amount of things at one time. The juggling act is the pinnacle of Mini Metro and it keeps you wanting to play and get better, or enjoy the relaxation and watch the metro grow.

Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Content Creator/Podcast Personality