Mobile Game Monday Review - 57° North

As a forewarning, this review will be shorter to prevent as much spoilers as possible ahead.

57° North is a story based, choose you adventure type of game, that narrates each section you come across. While the game is currently short, there is lots of potential of how the next parts are to play out. Made by the people of Mighty Coconut, it is a story about two teens, Sasha and Caleb, stranded on an island just off the shore of Alaska.

Once the game starts, there will be choices after the narrator is done reading each passage. To make a choice, slide your finger in the opposite direction of the choice. Arrows will confirm the choice if you hold down before letting go.

I enjoyed the narration as many games would just have it text only to save space and voice over work. It brought a lot more to the story and you felt a bit more hooked into it, rather than gloss over and speed read through it. It also gave you some time to decide which path you would want to choose. My only gripe about this is the amount of time you are given between choices. The story wont progress until a choice is made, and there were certain situations where I felt a mini timer would heighten the gameplay and add a sense of urgency. However, 57° North tells a great story and leads up to a second one easily.

Suggested Download: there is a geat story, but I would keep this one on the reserve list until more come out. So a yes, but no.

Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Content Creator/Podcast Personality