Mobile Game Monday - RowRow

Puzzle games have always been fascinating to play. There is a set solution that the player has to discover via brute force or clever deduction. RowRow is one that can be played both ways. There is a set solution for each level, but obtaining it can be decipered numerically, or just by brute force of trial and error. RowRow, made by WayWay Studio (I see what you did there), is a puzzle game that slides your way into solving each puzzle for your enjoyment (or madness).

The core concept of RowRow is to complete each level by “creating” the shapes using pieces in the level. However, these pieces may or may not be interlocked with others. As you slide the encapsulated set, the game updates each shape you are trying to assemble and the objective is to complete each given shape in the level. Of course, as the levels go farther, the puzzles get harder.

As it is visually basic and easy on the eyes, RowRow does not give any handouts to the player. There are no hints available to purchase or to watch an Ad for; it is your brain vs RowRow. As this is a major plus in my opinion, it can be frustrating being stuck on the same level and after brute force, just be stumped for a little bit (Guess which level I am stuck on).

While I do not know exactly the amount of levels RowRow has to offer, it is a bit of a challenge and tough for the brain to conceptualize all the available moves through each level. With no option of hinting, there will always be a small blip in the level select screen of an incomplete level. You can skip up to two puzzles if you want to keep going on the journey (three total incomplete puzzles), so there is that option to push past the roadblocks. RowRow is also Ad free, so it is great to play constantly if you are into puzzle games.

I feel this game does its job as a puzzle game. The complexity of RowRow evolves as the player goes farther into levels. The repetition of the game does not follow a lot of reinforced patterns and each puzzle feels unique by design. I enjoyed it. I put it down for a little bit and then came back to it as I wanted to keep at it for that completion. The no hint option keeps the player thinking, rather than have to watch an ad or use micro-transactions to just buy though.

Suggested Download: Yes, but it is OK to leave it in the library to bring out another time. Interesting puzzles, but can be done by trial and error somewhat quickly. Frustration does not build as fast as other puzzle games. It is your brain versus RowRow.

Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Content Creator/Podcast Personality