Mobile Game Monday - The Burnable Garbage Day
The Burnable Garbage Day is usually on Monday, but in this game, it is a story that takes that concept and puts a creative spin on recycling. Created by GameOn, Burnable Garbage Day is about a cleaning robot that was created for the sole purpose of cleaning garbage. A foreshadow of the current future (hopefully not), the story progresses as the player taps on garbage and eventually cleans up the planet. Simple and straightforward, Burnable Garbage Day also adds a little bit of problem-solving to make the game less redundant for the player.

In regards of the gameplay, Burnable Garbage Day is a lot of small things put into one. The main concept is of a tapper with stamina built-in to pause for breaks, add in a little bit of resource and experience grinding, a smidge of problem-solving, and the icing-on-the-cake of great storytelling. While the player clears up the trash that has been left on the planet, the story will unfold piece by piece in how the planet became that way.

For each piece of garbage, the player will gain experience and junk to be turned into items at a later time. Items are obtained by searching ruins, completing quests, turning in junk and harvesting. There is also a level up system for both the character, as well as the maps that you traverse through. While traveling from zone to zone, power ups will be unlocked to progress onto other zones. Included in these zones are towns, ruins and lots and lots of garbage to eliminate. Once a minimum percentage of garbage is cleared, the next zone would unlock.

There is a lot to do while playing Burnable Garbage Day, and luckily the game does not burn out. (pun intended) The game gives you breaks in between cooldowns of stamina, ruins, quests, and harvesting to stop from non-stop playing it to completion. Although, let me say that there are “Energy Tanks” that are given as quest rewards, or by watching an Ad to use throughout the game for whatever reason you may want.

Suggested Download: Download and play Burnable Garbage Day for the story if anything. It was interesting to look at (I am a sucker for pixelated art), but the story started off interesting and only got better. After learning more about the world, it was very easy to pick up every few days to use all the stamina and attempt at some of the quest puzzles. I did not have to stress while playing it and the clearing of junk felt a bit satisfying.

Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Content Creator/Podcast Personality