Mobile Game Monday - Trigono

Concepts for games come in all shapes and sizes. Trigono takes a simple concept of a triangle and develops a game completely around this surviving triangle. Created by Omka Games, the player controls a constantly moving triangle, avoiding all enemy triangles and attacks they throw out. There is a fun story that keeps you rooting for the lone triangle and it’s evasion. Broken into four chapters, each with their set individual levels, the progression of the levels test hand-eye coordination, with a bit of memorization.

Trigono has only two controls: tap the right side to jump to the next plane in the triangle, and tap the left side to reverse direction. On top of that, the gameplay is just a survival of avoiding anything red. This could be another triangle coming to attack, or a wave of red engulfing one corner of the triangle. The designers did create some interesting ways to challenge the player with such limited controls and graphics.

Trigono makes each level unique and while there are points of memorization, the game teases your brain because of how simple, yet complex it can become. The levels last roughly 15 seconds, but compiled in those 15 seconds can require some concentration and the ability to adapt. Over time, the levels start coming up with some quirky ways to attack that can be infuriating. It is refreshing that it does not follow the same pattern over and over. Each level has their own theme, and once the level is completed, you can review each death and watch a full overlay of every attempt. It makes for a much needed bit of comedic relief after the stress.

I found this game to be quite addictive because of its intense simplicity. The play field is very tight, the controls are very basic, and the goal is straightforward. I felt that it was great seeing something Pong-esque make such a strong impact in gaming today. As graphics and story improve by leaps and bounds, it felt great seeing something so minimal be so intense. It brought me back to the classic gaming times of Atari or beginning NES, where if you were to fail, you would start that section over. Trigono has shorter levels (Thank goodness) so the rage does not get to a boiling point, but it does give you that sense of pride after seeing all the attempts replay and seeing the mistakes you made.

Suggested Download: Yes. So quick, so simple, so basic. Honestly I feel it is the perfect game to play anytime because of how short the levels can be.

Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Content Creator/Podcast Personality