Mobile Game Monday - Warriors' Market Mayhem
A game created by Cat Lab, Warriors’ Market Mayhem contains a couple mini-games and clicker all rolled into one. It is a bit hard to define the type of game Warriors’ Market Mayhem categorizes into, but each small aspect culminates into one great mobile game that you can easily get addicted to.

Warriors’ Market Mayhem has a lot of mini game play interactions that it can keep you busy while playing. The initial idea is that the player owns a blacksmithing shop. Customers will come in, as well as your own hired adventurers, and commission the different items you can make. While that is the major premise of the game, there are a lot of minor things to improve the status of your shop.

This is where a lot of the other interactions come into play. There are side adventures that each of your adventurers can go on to collect different materials for your shop. Each adventurer can be equipped with things made from the shop to upgrade their stats along side their leveling. On top of that, each possess different skills for foraging or stat bonuses. The adventurers can also go on a dungeon run for materials and experience. Within that mini game, there is a slide-bar mini game to improve the health, armor and damage of the party to successfully finish each dungeon. One customer will ask for an escort where your strongest adventurers will guide him endlessly until they retire.

While there are many things that the game allows, there is a good amount of down time while the adventurers are out foraging for materials. While those quests do not take a while, you can keep your shop busy by making basic weapons and selling them for money, each upgrade of your blacksmiths/weapons/adventurers exponentially increases in gold. The grind can feel very extremely repetitive, but the timed quests and everything that is happening all at once, makes Warriors’ Market Mayhem constantly enjoyable.

Not seeing a definite end game, the grind does get to be a bit repetitive. It is especially so when there is a lack of materials in your shop to make items for customers. There is also a difficult balance of upgrading adventurers and selling items. When the game progresses, the rarity and the amount of materials increase and it becomes a dice roll on how much you get versus how much you need. That constant struggle keeps you engaged for as long as possible. After a while, the sounds of metal pounding start ringing through your head as you play Warriors’ Market Mayhem and want to upgrade everything to it’s fullest.

The game can be repetitive for some, but it has the right kind of grind. It feels like there is always something to click on or to do and there are other side quests. There isn’t much of a dull moment, but timing everything can make the most of the game. CatLab does a great job with compacting everything into click and wait so you can decide to micro or macro manage how you want to progress and speed up your gameplay.

Suggested Download: Looking for a grind that is not the usual clicker, then this is your game. Yes to all those who are a bit indecisive because there is a little bit of everything for every type of gamer.

Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Jason Balidio(CGN Personality)
Content Creator/Podcast Personality