Red Dead Redemption II : Review

Let me start off by saying, I am a HUGE Rockstar fan…….HUGE.  I have been playing theie games since the original PlayStaion, when the original Grand Theft Auto was played completely in top view, I’m sure you all remember. Later the PS2 came out and Rockstar comes out with GTA 3 which incorporates an in-depth story with a character who you come to care about.  This make you feel more apart of the game. Throughout the years we have gotten even greater games from this company with more in depth stories and even more complex and flawed characters.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the culmination of all of Rockstars hard work. This open world game, in my opinion is nothing short of a masterpiece but in saying that it does have its flaws. First the gameplay is outstanding, which is definitely a step up from the first Red Dead Redemption 1.  You can get into a gun fight, bank robbery, or Evan a horse chase. This make you truly feel like you are in one of your favorite western movies  that you watched as a kid. The controls are not hard to get the hang of, but the game does allow you to customize the controls to fit your play style.  The graphics and look of this game is award winning.  From the wind blowing on the grass to the trees on an open field,  you can see every blade of grass move.  This game is so vast and beautiful that you get lost in the scenery alone. With the story, Rockstar is back to writing a very in depth story with complex characters that you end up caring about.  They incorporate all of this with seamless gameplay, with cinematic that lead into missions and continued gameplay. Where the game does fall short is in the game missions themselves.   I may be nitpicking here,  but i do agree with most of the reviewers out there. The game is suppose to be a complete open world game which would allow to improvise on the mission.  However the game either gives you a couple options to go through the mission or it is a complete linear. In saying that,  this is really for the first time players that don’t know what to expect from a Rockstar game.  For myself, and the rest to veteran Rockstar fans, none of this matters. We have been waiting for RDR 2 for five plus years and I believe we have gotten game the game we anticipated and then some. I love this game and will probably play it multiple times.  I definitely urge everyone to at least be open this playing this game at least once.  In my opinion, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a true 10 out of 10 masterpiece and I hope you all enjoy.      

Gerard Barrera (CGN Host)
Gerard Barrera (CGN Host)
Editor/Podcast Co-Host/Content Creator