SHD Agents Head Back To NYC In The Division: Resurgence

On July 6th, Ubisoft gave fans of The Division a teaser trailer for their new mobile entry into the series, The Division: Resurgence. Resurgence is a free to play, mobile MMO that is canon to The Division.  Today, fans were treated to in game footage.  

The Division: Resurgence tasks SHD agents with defending New York City.  The game will take place between The Division 1 & 2.  Veteran SHD agents will immediately be familiar with their surroundings as parts of the original game were recreated for a mobile experience.  It's great seeing Madison Square Garden across the street from the Base of Operations again.  During the course of gameplay, players will encounter a new independent story as well as a new factions.  One faction that has been revealed is called The Freeman.  They are a faction that is based on scavenging and looting to build out their weapons and armor.

Gameplay mechanics will be both familiar to returning SHD agents as well as refreshed for a mobile platform.  Players will be able to customize their controls, and as confirmed by the team, controllers will be supported.  There is no confirmation on what controllers brands will be supported, however it is a great touch for those that want to play using a tablet and controller while traveling.  The Division's signature area, The Dark Zone, will be making a return as well as other PVP modes.  Players will be introduced to new specializations as well as a mobile centric crafting system.  As with previous two entries in the franchise, players will be able to modify their gear with attachments to suite their play style.  The biggest area of optimization for a mobile platform comes in the form of reduces mission times.  Those veterans of The Division know that some missions can take 30 minutes or longer to complete based on the mission parameters.  The development team scaled back the times to accommodate gaming on the go.  That is a welcome change for those that want to hop in and do a quick mission or are time restricted based on their daily life.

Community has always been a big part of The Division.  Whether it be forming a clan, playing with friends, or being part of the cosplay and virtual photography community, The Division would not be what it is without its core fans and players.  Community will still be a focus for this up coming entry in the The Division.  We were able to talk to the Community Developer for The Division: Resurgence to ask about what it will be like to expand the community to a grander audience on mobile.  The community team is truly excited for returning players to experience this new storyline but also they welcome the opportunity to introduce this franchise to new players. 

As a veteran of both The Division 1 & 2, I am excited at the opportunity to go back to NYC again.  The art team at Ubisoft has always taken great care with the worlds they craft, including Washington DC almost being a 1:1 replication in The Division 2.  I have no doubt they will take the same care in building out New York City on a mobile platform.  Having the flexibility to play it on the go is enticing.  I had to step away from The Division because I was not able to play and take care of a newborn.  Now that the kids are older, my agent has been reactivated, but I don't always want to play while tethered to my desk.  Playing on something like a phone or table will allow me to play where I want, as well as play The Division while traveling.  New specializations always had an intrigue to the game.  I am anxious to see how the specializations are built out along with the gadgets for each.  It will be exciting to see what the dev team has in store once the game launches.

Check out our first look video down below or on YouTube 

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Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
Matt Diorio (CGN Host)
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